Date Contact
29-Feb-20 IDEA for World Multiprojects Opening @Dubai
30-Jan-20 Puja ceremony to kick start construction work at 3D shop, Car Parking site and IDEA new office
20-Jan-20 Opening ceremony of Hotel Shaara By IDEA
14-Jan-20 Opening ceremony of Madi Agro-Tourism Project
17-Dec-19 Agreement Signing for Hotel project in Kathmandu
17-Dec-19 Agreement Signing with Civil Mall (QFX) for 3D house for Lease
14-Nov-19 Partnership Agreement Signing with Middle East Team
4-Oct-19 Agreement Signing with Nepal Agricultural Developemnt Bank
8-Aug-19 Exclusive Agreement for Rotary Parking System signing
12-Jun-19 Attending The Republic Day Ceremony @ Embassy of Nepal in UK
19-May-19 Agreement Signing for Jumla Apple land
29 to 30-Mar-19 Attending the Nepal Investment Summit 2019 @ Kathmandu
Mar-19 “Agreement signing with supplier to purchase in total 1 billion seedlings of white-sandalwood & a variety of fruits”
28 to 29-Jan-19 Agreement signing for Saptari 100 acres Farmland
28-Jan-19 Agreement signing for the Muktinath Darshan Cable Car Project
9-Dec-18 Agreement signing – Apple Farm
2-Dec-18 Attending Caritas Nepal – Housing Project Handover ceremony
29-Nov-18 Site Visit – Farm Land @ Saptari
16 to 18-Nov-18 Site Visit – Community Forest @ Dang
17-Oct-18 Kick start of Kathmandu View Tower Project
16 to 17 Sep-18 Site Visit – Community Forest @ Dang
26-Sep-18 Attending Magar Association UK Programme
Aug-18 1st Harvest of Jumla Apple Project
Jul-18 Multi-Fruits Plantation @ Dharan
18-Jun-18 Site Visit – Cattle farm @ Birgunj
18-Jun-18 Site Visit – Dairy Product Factory @ Birgunj
17-Jun-18 Site Visit – Fruits Plantation Site @ Dharan
17-Jun-18 Site Visit – Golf Club @ Dharan
15-Jun-18 Site Visit – Safer Hospital @ Mahendranagar
11-Jun-18 Agreement signing – Kathmandu View Tower
8-Jun-18 Agreement signing – E2E Energy Project
2-Jun-18 Meeting with NRNA UK
1-Jun-18 Agreement signing – Cattle Farm
31-May-18 Meeting with NRNA UK Business Development Department
29-May-18 Attending The Republic Day Ceremony @ Embassy of Nepal in UK
29-May-18 Agreement signing – Golf Club
28-May-18 Meeting with Tamu Dee UK
26-May-18 Attending Cultural Event Organized by Srijanshil Nepali Samaj-UK
10-May-18 Site Visit – Cattle farm @ Birgunj
10-May-18 Site Visit – Dairy Product Factory @ Birgunj
30-Apr-18 Agreement signing with Crystal Infosys
24-Apr-18 Agreement signing – Safer Hospital
13-Apr-18 Agreement signing with Tamu Dhee UK
5-Mar-18 Agreement Signing with Broadlink
14-Feb-18 Agreement signing of Jumla Apple Farm
Feb-18 Kick start of Jumla Apple Farm Project
3 to 7-Jan-18 Site Visit – Apple farm @ Jumla
9-Oct-17 IDEA for Nepal Multiproject Grand Opening
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