Due to the rapid urbanization and lack of parking space, people are not able to hold meetings with friends, family, and officials. We will run a coffee shop at each Idea parking according to the demand. Where you can park your vehicle safely and can have tea-coffee, meal, get-together, meeting, birthday party, and other events celebration.

In this coffee shop, you will also find a variety of tea, coffee, bakery items, and other types of food. Tea and coffee products produced in different parts of the world will also be operated as buying and selling distribution centers.


We are also launching technology to produce some daily necessities.  Industries are bringing soon to produce goods like MOMO, potato chip, sausage, juice, and others. After then we will provide reasonable quality healthy food items to the customers.

Because of the industry, fruits and vegetables that could not be sold on time can be processed to produce other items, on the one hand, the goods can be prevented from damage and date expiry. And, on the other hand, healthy and fresh produce can be distributed to consumers.


Idea Customer service is a co-worker to help you with your problems and difficulties who will send a mechanic to the house to repair of household and machinery equipment in the house. All you have to do is report to the specified contact number or online. We aim to repair rooms, flats, apartments and houses as well as provide the manpower needed for house building and construction.

With this Idea customer service, invaluable items, house and property can be reused by repaired with experienced mechanics in a timely manner, in this way you can save time and money as well as getting rid of maintenance related problems.

Household and machinery repairs –

    • Plumber maintenance
    • Electrical maintenance
    • Furniture maintenance
    • Water heating boiler
    • Pressure cooker
    • Gas stove
    • Washing machine
    • Door lock
    • Others