IDEA Group offers you the best investment platform to invest in secure and sustainable projects in Nepal, without the stress and risk of doing it yourself. Simply joining us as a shareholder, you would be able to enjoy the passive, stable and guarantee profits generated from our projects.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a big impact on the global economy. It is a critical time to make the right investment for your future. IDEA chooses projects that are secure and always perform. We mainly focus on food related projects. With the ever growing population, food shortage will be one of the biggest challenges globally. To invest in agriculture and food production projects would always be a win-win deal.

High Returns

IDEA projects are all having promising returns. IDEA Agro products in general are having 2 times harvest in a year. Most of the vegetable items are even having a more regular harvest. Annual return can be up to 15-20% per annum.


Food is an essential resource to humans. With current global food shortages and an ever growing population, investments in food and agriculture will always perform. Planting and producing a variety of food and agro items do not only contribute to the investment sustainability, but also the sustainability of a society.

Low Risk

While ordinary investment are generally related to market performance, investment in IDEA is only a matter of receiving how much profit regularly. IDEA Group owns and develops a variety of projects to balance out the ups and downs in the markets.

Fully Managed

We have a group of professionals to manage and monitor all of our projects and make sure they are meeting the global demand and generating high returns. You do not need to manage the investment by yourself. Regular financial report and project performance report will be delivered to you.


Investing in IDEA you are not only an investor but a shareholder. Whatever the company owns, you own part of them. Therefore, it is also your physical assets and projects.