The IDEA to prosper our country

IDEA is not only an idea, but a platform for all the Nepali to gather their knowledge, experiences, technologies, skills, and investment and transfer them into profitable and sustainable projects to be implemented in the country and worldwide. This is the IDEA to make our nation thrive.

Experienced & Professional Team

We have a team of experienced and professional project developers, bankers, engineers, lawyers, accountants, marketing experts, etc.

Well-established International Network

A well-established network with governments, corporates, suppliers, buyers and consumers worldwide guarantee our projects to be profitable and stable.

Diversified Projects

We are experienced in a variety of projects including Agriculture & Fishery, Infrastructure, Hotels & Tourism, Technology, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Mining.

Great Vision

We do nation-beneficial projects in a profitable and sustainable way. We believe our responsibility is to make our nation stronger and better.